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0 DARK: Crafting a Distinctive Brand Identity for an Optics Company

The 0 DARK project showcases our design expertise in creating comprehensive brand solutions. The project entailed designing the logo and full brand identity for a new optics company, which was then applied to new products that we helped develop.

The outcome was a visual identity that accurately represents the company’s values, products, and its target market, resulting in a cohesive and recognizable brand image. The logo and brand elements were designed to be versatile and easily applied to various mediums such as their products, website, packaging, and marketing materials.

Our team’s attention to detail and understanding of the client’s goals resulted in a successful brand launch for 0 DARK.

Product Photography

This photo shoot was unique; we were on a tight deadline with only one demo product on hand to work with, and we only had one day with it before it had to be shipped back to the product development team. We were unable to get into our full studio due to Covid, so we quickly set up a makeshift studio in a garage to capture these images.

This product is a laser range finder, and what better way to show off lasers in photography than with a smoke machine? It’s probably a good thing that we only had one day to play with… um, we mean work with this portion of the project.

This is an example of our willingness to do whatever it takes to hit our deadlines and do so with excellence, ensuring that your project is completed on time and with the best result possible.