• Strategy and Planning
  • Product Development
  • New Product Package Design
  • Brand Development
  • Point of Sale
  • End Cap Display
  • Web Design and Development

Breathing New Life into a Legacy Brand

Bigtop Collective had the distinct honor of collaborating with Winchester, a renowned legacy brand, to revolutionize its market presence by venturing into the burgeoning Pet category. Recognizing the rich heritage of Winchester, our comprehensive approach began with meticulous Strategy and Planning, aimed at seamlessly integrating the new product line while respecting the brand’s established identity.

We identified target audiences, market opportunities, and additional product categories in the pipeline, leading to the conception and implementation of innovative Product Development and New Product Package Design for the Pet category. With a revitalized Brand Development, Bigtop delicately balanced Winchester’s time-honored reputation with the needs of modern pet owners and enthusiasts.

We crafted attention-grabbing Point of Sale materials and a captivating End Cap Display to maximize in-store visibility and consumer engagement within the Pet category. Additionally, we are currently developing a visually stunning and user-friendly Web Design for the new categories, offering a seamless digital experience for Winchester’s customers.

The synergy of these deliverables has paved the way for Winchester’s successful expansion into new market segments, invigorating the legacy brand with newfound growth and success.

Look for new Winchester Pet products to hit shelves in Q3 of 2023.

Winchester Pet

Pet-related products across all categories are one of the fastest-growing consumer sectors by volume in North America. This presents a unique opportunity to bring high-quality, low-cost products to this growing market under a legendary brand people know and trust while delivering thoughtful retail solutions through feature-rich products in top-selling categories under the Winchester brand.